Niels-David Yogi


Resume: Link

     I am currently a Junior Software Engineer at The Playforge. Some of the libraries I have utilized in developing games include Valve’s free alien swarm sdk [c++], XNA [c#] and UDK [unrealscript/flash/actionscript]. My specialties and interests do not only apply to programming but it also encompasses web development, playing competitive first person shooters and watching competitive games which are shoutcasted at events such as WCG, IEM, GXL and ESEA LAN.

Projects - Open Source
XNA Developer Console

Source Code:
Video: Alpha

A port of the developer console from the Valve SDK. Very similar functionality. Developed in C#.

Google Maps API – Events with location

Source Code:
Video(s): User,   Admin,   XML

People can see and locate events through the website utilizing Google maps. Developed using Javascript/Perl/Html

• Programming Languages: C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, OpenGL, Perl, Actionscript, Unreal Script
• Programming Libraries: XNA, Alien Swarm SDK, Source SDK Base 2007, OGRE, SFML, UDK, iOS
• Programming Tools: Intel Parallel Studio, Visual Studio 2010/2008, Eclipse, Emacs, Adobe Flash, XCode
• Other Tools: Maya, Houdini, Subversion, Perforce


  • Gameplay Programming
  • UI programming